Greek Orthopaedic – International hip and knee replacement center

Welcome to our website.

We are a specialized center for hip and knee replacement.

For the hip, we use MEDACTA’s AMIS technique, which is considered the most advanced technique of minimal invasiveness with immediate mobilization and minimal complications.

For the knee, we were pioneers of an individualized knee arthroplasty that has robotic accuracy and has superior outcome compared to any other technique.

We provide urgent care and treatments for chronic orthopedic conditions. We are official partners of the American Medical Center (Nicosia, Cyprus) and Athens medical group

We are center recommended by MEDACTA for Greece and Cyprus.

We are especially interested in deformation of the leg (ankle) where we have developed pioneering techniques of dynamic problem solving. We also specialize at surgeries and upper limb disorders.

We have been the oldest center since 1989 to treat orthopedic pain and successfully treat back pain and cervical syndromes with local drug injection.

We are the only center recommended by MEDACTA for Greece and Cyprus
You can contact us at 210 8991183
In case of emergency, please call us at (+30) 6945 460 010 or at +357 99567848