Cervical Syndrome

Cervical sydrome is the term used to describe neck pain felt from the back of the head to the top of the shoulder blades and radiating into the arm. Radiographic checkup may indicate degeneration of the cervical vertebrae or the cervical intervertebral disc. Accidental finding of spinal straight line alignment is not assessed in sucj cases, thoughmany writers consider it as pathologic finding.

Following this initial evaluation, a more comprehensive evaluation may include an electromyography exam to determine which nerve root is involved while in many cases its unclear neurological findings may require further investigation.

Cervical Sydrome main causes include:

  • diseases of the cervical spine lesion such as discogenic nerve root compression, degrneration of the cervical vertebrae etc
  • diseases of the upper arm lesion such as the carpal tunnel sydrome and ulnar neuritis

In case cervical sydrome is due to carpal tunnel sydrome or ulnar neuritis, elbow and wrist surgery has great results and thorough pain relief. Cervical sydrome due to cervical vertebrae degeneration or discogenic nerve root compression, anti-inflammatory treatment (eg. mesulid, voltaren) is applied. In case there are no results, local anti-inflammatory injections are applied while surgical intervention is rarely used. When pain pressure is relieved, patient exercises to strengtheb the shoulder and neck muscles are advised as a prophylaxis measure.

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